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Momentum Studios, Old Newnham Farm, Plympton, Plymouth, PL7 5BL

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Equipment List

Consoles and Outboard


Allen and Heath GSR24M Mixing console

Yamaha TF3 (location and live recording)

Thermionic Culture Vulture valve distortion preamp

Warm Audio WA-2A Compression unit

Warm Audio WA-76 FET Compression unit

Golden Age EQ-73 Eq unit

Golden Age Pre-73 Mic Preamp

Roland Dep3 Reverb

Native Instruments Maschine Mikro

Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Plus+ Software

TC Helicon VoiceLive




Yamaha NS10 Near-field reference monitors

KRK RP8 Near-field reference monitors

X4 Behringer Powerplay monitor-mix units running off cat 5 for up to 16 seperate mix channels per user.




27″ Apple iMac w/ Intel i7 3.5ghz CPU 32GB DDR3. (Running CUBASE 7 and Logic Pro X)

17″ MacBook Pro w/ Intel i7 8GB DDR3 (Running Cubase 7 and Logic Pro X)




Neumann U87 (1970’s)

Neumann KMS 185 X2

AKG C414 B-ULS X2 (1980’s)

Shure SM7

Sontronics Sigma (ribbon)

SE Gemini II Valve Condenser

SE 2200a Condenser X2

SE X1 Condenser


AKG D112

AKG c3000s

AUDIX D-Series Drum Mics (inc D6 Kick Mic)

SHURE 57Beta X2



ADK Generic Condenser

Proel Vocal 58 X2


Guitar Amps 

Marshall JCM 2000 Dual Lead Head

Vox AC30 CC2 Combo Amp

Blackstar HT20 Studio Guitar Amp Head

Orange TH30 Guitar Amp Head

Road Kill “Badger” 2X12 Custom Built Guitar Cabinet ( www.roadkillcabs.co.uk )




Chappel 7ft-1 1930’s Grand Piano (reconditioned)

Ernst Kaps 1900’s Upright Piano

Fender Rhodes Mk 1 Seventy Three

Hammond L121 Valve Organ (1970’s vintage) with Sharma Rotary Speaker

Korg SV1 Stage Piano

MicroKorg Synthesizer

Roland JX-3P (1980’s vintage synth)


Guitars and Basses


Custom built Stratocaster w/ EMG SL2’s and Wilkinson floating trem

Fender Telecaster USA 1991

Martin and Co Performance Series Acoustic Guitar

Lakland Darryl Jones 5 String Jazz Bass

Warwick Streamer LX5 1996 Bass

Elektra Les Paul (1970’s Vintage Peter Frampton Special)

Yamaha Standard Precision Bass

Westone Spectrum ST 1980’s Electric Guitar

Torre 1970’s Flamenco Nylon String (Vintage)