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Mastering is the final step of the production process. The mastering engineer works to address playback consistency through multiple listening platforms, both in the digital domain and physical. Mastering also enhances tonality and dynamics where needed and works to create coherence throughout an album or ep, bringing continuity from track to track on playback. We are passionate about the musicality of a record and work hard to enhance and retain dynamics. Mastering is an essential part of the production process, sonically finalising the music, ready for distribution – ‘the icing on the cake’.


Our Guarantees


– High-resolution audio equipment, both analogue and digital

– Objective and experienced ears on your mixes

– Guidance through the mastering process

– Great attention to detail

– Production and mix feedback (when required)


Our Clients include – Universal Music, Island Records, Ideas East and many more.



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What do we need from you?


Your digital premasters will need to be sent to us with these specifications:


– All master-bus effects such as compressors, limiters, eq or reverb need to be bypassed.

– 6db of headroom is preferred.

– Your tracks will need to be trimmed to the exact length in which you wish them to be mastered.

– A track listing and running order (if an album or ep) and artist name.



Mastering per song – £25

(for a limited time only)


For information on mastering, please e-mail –



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